Why to learn a Language?

Usually, every person has a different reason or objective to learn a language. Surveying the purposes we understood that some indulged in learning in order to stand within the crowd , might be at their workplaces,schools,colleges or any communal gatherings which they normally be a part of.While, there were some rather I should say majorly who learnt or were learning the dialect just to appear for an exam in the urge of flying abroad to either to study and later settle down there or for permanent residency purpose. The recognition given by the various agencies to the applicants who qualify the exam opens the pathway for many, this being the base to reserve a seat to the flight abroad.

Whether you are thinking of polishing your skills for the former or the latter purpose the ladder to learning is different. This is what is important for one to understand, how to learn for their respective goals rather than blindly following the peers.

If you want to simply enrich you vocational skill regarding the language then it’s not necessary to sit in any of the exams and waste your money ; one just need to go for a spoken english course or can work on the grammar. However, appearing for an exam has another phase of learning where spoken english also plays an equal role but the steps are as follows;

1. Plan – You need to be very clear which exam you want to sit for as there are many to choose from.If you select an exam which won’t benefit you then it will be a sheer wastage of time and efforts.

2. Look for Resources and Opportunities- Along the planning you should also look for the resources that could help you free of cost or would charge a nominal fee in order to save the amount for the exams.Apart from this, asking for feedbacks from the people and reviewing them will ease the list of opportunities , moreover will also help you to be aware of the hurdles.

3. Schedule- After doing the above steps fix a time period that by what date you need to be ready for the exam , in other words set a deadline and form a daily schedule , following which will help you manage the workings.

4. Feedback- Only the practice or putting efforts will not solve the purpose , you need to get yourself evaluated with a detailed feedback in order to progress.

The last step is the most essential and here we are to help you , tracking your progress and providing you the evaluation will be our job , you simply need to register yourself that too @NO COST and you are good to go. All the work is then ours you need to just attempt and submit.

Wish to Fly Abroad here’s the List of Tests Accepted Globally you need to be aware of;

1. IELTS ( International Language Testing System)
2. PTE ( Pearson Test of English)
3. TOEFL ( the Test of English as a Foreign Language)
4. GRE ( Graduate Record Examinations)
5. SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test)
6. ACT ( American College Testing)
7. GMAT ( Graduate Management Admission Test)
8. MCAT ( Medical College Admission Test)